Thursday, February 2, 2017

Small Meet-up

After a looong time, I organized a meet-up again! Well it wasn't that much of a long time, I actually organized one in summer and one in December with one of my friends! BUT this is the first one I'm blogging about haha!

Last weekend was the "Cologne Kyoto Festival", which at first sounds really great. Kyoto is a partner-city of Cologne, so the Japanese Culture Institute celebrated it with a festival. But a better word would be "small get-together for the eldery". Haha I don't mean it in a negative way, but the organizers didn't really made any kind of advertisement, so of course who else would visit such an event. Also the program wasn't that much, but then again, with such a few visitors, not many exhibitors would want to come anyway. There was a very small (and a little bit ankward) selection of exhibitors - a technology company, a knife seller, and a travel agency. Well now that I think about it, if you can speak japanese, this festival would be perfect for practising your skills. But the event wasn't a complete fail, at least I now know that the Institute has a small libary which looks interesting, so I might visit it some day.

So after a short time, we visited a local café and had very delicious cake! I have so many small and interesting looking cafés around my home, I want to make many meet-ups and visit them all!

My outfit:

A group picture which was taken from the Japanese Institute (not our complete group though!):

Aaand the food:

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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