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MaGnology 2017 - Friday & Saturday

Around 3 weeks ago I visited the MaGnology convention in Hamburg, Germany. The reason was Angelic Pretty They had a 3-day event there and it was amazing! We could spend 3 days with AP including Maki, Asuka, Ms. Honda and Aya (Shinjuku store manager). The event had a relaxed atmosphere, no competition-feeling you sometimes have at big events. And also a lot of time to meet new people!

~*~ Friday ~*~
On Friday we arrived quite early in Hamburg and also around 1 hour before opening time at the venue because we wanted to be one of the first people at the AP booth :D. However a friend already sneaked into the venue and told us that AP only had dresses with them because one package was still in german customs... I was a little bummed because I didn't really wanted to buy any dresses, I wanted to buy tons of accessories :(.
Then the convention also started too late; guests with Lolita VIP tickets were supposed to have 30min early access, but in the end we had to wait more than 30min for the opening. However we were let in earlier into the "Lolita tent". Yes there was a special Lolita tent where only people with a Lolita ticket had access to, and it was really nice because everyone could sit down at a table and we had a buffet with cookies, fruits, vegetables and drinks all day long!
When we were finally allowed to visit the Angelic Pretty booth, people literally started to run to the booth to get the best stuff. But since we already knew they didn't had any acessories, we didn't run and instead took advantage of the buffet :D

After eating a little we visited the AP booth and as expected we didn't bought anything. (However they had 3 Lucky Packs which also didn't arrived, but in the evening I found out that we could reserve them. I reserved 2 or them, but since the package still didn't arrived Saturday evening, we had the possibility to gave the money back, which I did).
Then we visited all the other booths at the convention and had for example a nice conversation with a guy who sells japanese stamps, because my friend wanted to buy one. He gave us a mini-lecture about Kanji (japanese signs) and loved our Lolita outfits.

There weren't many visitors that day (probably because most people had to work) so we could take a look at all booths very comfortably. I think we spend the whole day looking at booths, talking and also waiting in the tent for the storm to be over D: (there was a little storm that took around 1 hour and it was super windy and rainy). Because of the bad weather, a program point with Angelic Pretty was moved to the next day.

booth from Court of Fables (german Lolita club)

My outfit - sorry for bad photoshop xD

~*~ Saturday ~*~
On Saturday we wanted to sleep longer but the Q&A and Meet&Greet with Maki and Asuka was moved to the next morning, so we had to arrive quite early again. The Q&A started and first the organizers asked some interesting questions they prepared beforehand. Afterwards the audience could ask some questions and I asked 2 hehe. I tried to write down the answers in my phone so here is some information:

- How long does it take to create a dress from the first idea to the final version? 
=> 1 year

- What are your favorite print themes? 
=> Maki: prints with Ponys (she loves Sugary Carnival)
=> Asuka: prints with strawberries

- What do you think was the most popular dress / print among your costumers that you have ever released? 
=> Misty Sky

- What do you like as a designer of AP the most?
=> Maki: going to events and see how everyone is coordinating the items
=> Asuka: going to events and see new creative outfits

- If you wouldn't have become a designer (of AP), what would you have done instead?
=> Maki: would have become an artist
=> Asuka: would have become a desinger for a different clothing style

- What do you like about Lolita the most? 
=> Maki: that you can be what you want
=> Asuka: that you can be a princess and that you can wear everything the way you like

- How do you think Lolita changed over the years?
=> Maki: Lolita became more mature
=> Asuka: nowdays you can create more different Lolita styles

- What is the difference between japanese and western Lolitas? 
=> western Lolitas create more invidual outfits with own ideas and self-made accessories

our amazing translator Mimi from the JStore Hamburg who helped out the whole weekend

Afterwards we could take pictures with Maki and Asuka.

I would have liked it better if we could take pictures while standing, here we sit so far away from them haha but this way is probably more comfortable for them if they have to take pictures with tons of people

Then there was a Taiko (japanese drum) workshop which I wanted to attend. It had already started during the Q&A, but luckily they had a free spot so I could join half-way haha. It was really fun (but too easy for me haha).

Of course we also checked out the Angelic Pretty stall. One staff member from the Paris store came all the way to Hamburg that day and brought a lot of accessories with her. Before the convention I told myself I'm not going to buy stuff if it is from the Paris store because it is so expensive, but guess what, I directly bought 4 items for waaay too much money haha.

I also bought the postcards from Magnology as a memory

In the afternoon there was a little performance with a Shamisen x Piano. It was really interesting because I never heard a Shamisen irl before. After the performance the player also took the Shamisen apart. She told that even in Japan it is very rare that people can see this, so it was a very exclusive view (so exclusive I forgot to take a picture of it haha).

Afterwards there were 2 Angelic Pretty fashion shows. The first one was at the main stage, and the second one in the Lolita tent. The second one was supposed to have 2 dresses that nobody have seen before (but I don't know which ones, I feel I have seen all of them before haha).

That's it for the first 2 days of the MaGnology. In the next post I will write about the AP Tea Party :)

Not all pictures were taken by me. All photographers that wanted to be credited:

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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