Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Magnology 2017 - Sunday

On Sunday was the Tea Party. We had to get up reeeally early because the event already started at 10 am D: However the staff of AP arrived only at 11 am because they wanted to sleep longer xD

When entering, everyone got a pink tote bag with a button, AP postcards and some flyers from indie brands (picture on the bottom). After a short welcoming we had brunch with a very delicious buffet! The brunch was great idea because I surely didn't had time to eat breakfast.

Afterwards we had some free time so I watched the Taiko group. I would love to play Taiko as well haha.

My outfit (this picture was also featured in the newest Kawaii.i episode, watch it here:

Then we headed to the bus to drive to a ship. We took a cruise with a historical ship. It was really nice because I didn't had time at all to do sightseeing in Hamburg, so at least I could do something during the Tea Party haha. The staff was very nice and loved our outfits. We also got cake and coffee, tea and soft drinks as much as we wanted. There was also a lot of time and opportunities to talk to the AP staff... if you could speak japanese haha. The cruise was 3 hours but after 1,5 hours it already got a little boring and I wished I had a card game with me (I even brought one to play at the train but of course I left it at the hotel >_<).

Maki and Asuka wrote in the guest book of Court of Fables (picture by ncvs2b)

My outfit at the ship (sorry for bad shoes and bad hair, we had to wear flat shoes and it was very windy)

After the cruise we drove back to the venue and we had the raffle and best dressed competition. They had nice prizes but not as many as at the Tea Parties in Paris. Everyone who didn't won something (like me) still got a present which was a small towel and a postcard. Actually I needed a new towel to put in my handbag so it's really nice that I have one from AP now :D
For the outfit competition Maki and Asuka chosed their favorite 2 outfits.
Then the Tea Party was over and we left very soon as we didn't had a lot of time to catch our train back home.

Items from the tote bag, raffle prize etc.

The event was so lovely and amazing, I'm sad that it is over *sniff* I hope next year they have another Lolita event but I don't think so (because it is mainly an Anime, Manga & Gaming convention) ^^'

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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