Monday, August 21, 2017

Dokomi 2017

At the beginning of June it was time again for my favorite convention - Dokomi !!! In my opinion this year was the best one ever, but I also have to admit that I took much more advantage of the program than I did in the last years.

This year the convention was in 3 big halls for the first time (instead of many small rooms with carpet) and many people complained that it lost its "family feeling", but in my opinion there was much more space for sitting down and walking around, besides the fact that there was much more program and shopping booths to see. So for me it was a positive change :)

~*~ Saturday ~*~
The first thing I did when I arrived at the convention was to make a reservation in the host club for the next day, because it is always sold out so quickly (but not as quickly as the maid cafe which was sold out after 10 minutes haha).

Then I visited the most important booth "Harajuku Closet" which was selling Btssb \(*o*)/! They are a new shop in Germany, not 100% like a real Btssb shop but they had quite a lot of new items of Btssb! The prices are so-so, the dresses cost nearly as much as in the old Paris store, but accessories cost almost the same like in Japan. Because of this I bought a strawberry necklace from Btssb which I already wanted to own for a long time! I also talked a little with the shop owner and he told me that you can order stuff through their shop from the Btssb online shop.

Then it was almost time for the Tempura Kidz concert! Since you usually have to line up quite early for concerts at the Dokomi and I wanted a good seat, I arrived at the concert hall around 1 hour earlier. But this year there was no need to line up so early because the new concert hall was really big! Instead I had the opportunity to watch a cosplay competition for the first time in my life... yes I'm visiting Cosplay-related conventions since 6 years and never actually saw or did any cosplay-related stuff xD.

It was actually quite interesting and funny, however I expected the cosplays to be more "amazing", I had the feeling I could easily do the same (it was the official German Cosplay Competition after all). But maybe I'm underestimating the time and work you actually need to create an accurate cosplay and a matching performance.

Random picture of the cute Lucky Chocolate Maid Café charm I bought :)

Then it was time for the Tempura Kidz concert and it was sooo amazing! Tbh I didn't knew a lot of their songs, only "Cider Cider", which they unfortunately didn't peform ;__; But the dancers were actually singing live and sounded definitely much better then some of the famous Idol groups! Their concert felt a lot like a party and they were really animating the crowd to dance with them.

I also had the feeling that P-chan was winking at me a few times during the concert but maybe he was winking to someone else behind me or to a camera or whatever xD. I was suprised that the concert wasn't very well visited but I think Tempura Kidz are just not that famous. For me however it was great because no annoying crowds, no pushing, no huge guys standing in front of me, instead I could easily stand front row directly at the stage!

I have to say Tempura Kidz are sooooo cute! Really I loved them and I wished they would have a second concert on Sunday as well ;___;

Picture is from Tempura Kidz' twitter. I'm on the very left with the bear ears xD

After the concert I went shopping again, it was really nice to meet many friends, even some people I haven't seen in a long while!

I also found a nice shop called "The Ichigo Shop" with korean make-up. I checked the prices online and the shop had really good prices! So I bought a few items there.

In the evening I visited the signing session of Tempura Kidz, again they were sooo cute and funny, especially when they posed for pictures and were always goofing around between pictures xD

~*~ Sunday ~*~
I arrived quite early and took the time again to look around the booths. I found out about the Nintendo booth where you could play Mario Cart! Since I was walking around alone I had to play with strangers and it was fun but not that much fun because I didn't knew them haha. I hope next year I can find some of my friends to play together! I also played another racing game and now I really want to have it haha!

Then I went to the "character auction" (people can put themselves for auction and if you win you can spend 2 hours with that person - ok sounds weird but the money is raised for a good cause ^-^). The auction is always quite funny but this year there were 2 guys in Cosplay on stage besides the usual hosts and I think they wanted to be entertaining but sometimes they were a litte aggressive and didn't knew where to stop, so I was annoyed by them and didn't watched the whole auction.

Afterwards I visited the Lolita meet-up and hoped to find someone to visit the Host Club with me, and I was successful :D Shortly after the meet-up it was already time for my reservation, so we visited the Host Club and I liked it quite a lot. However I didn't liked that each host had a group of 6 people at the same time, so when my friend and I visited the club, we had to share our table with 4 strangers which was a little awkward. I mean the other girls were very nice but still we didn't really had a lot to talk about. So next year I also should find more friends to visit the Host Club haha.

Unfortunately the Host Club didn't upload the pictures with the host and me yet :/

Afterwards I wanted to watch the Dance Off Competition. I like this kind of dance and I wished I had a friend which whom I could participate in the competition ^^''' However I wasn't really impressed by the first few entries because they weren't the best dancers, so I got bored and left the competition quite soon (of course I know how hard it is to dance and I would probably fail horribly if I would participate myself haha).

In the afternoon I visited the signing session of Tempura Kidz again, took another look at the shopping booths and talked to some friends.

I already can't wait for the next Dokomi :)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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