Friday, September 29, 2017

London 2017 - Friday - Arrival

A few weeks ago I visited my first (and also last ;_;) Tea Party Club event in London! I already visited London 3 times before but I didn't remembered that I liked it so much like this year! I definitely want to visit London again! Sooo I will start with a short report about friday, the day I arrived in London. 

Instead of flying I took a train to London this year. For me, flying is always such a hassle with travelling to the far away airport, annoying security check, limited luggage, cramped seats... train is so much easier!
My first ride was with the ICE (german high speed train) and very comfortable like always. But then I had to change to the Eurostar and damn it was the most filthy train I have ever seen D: But I also saw some modern Eurostar trains so apparently not all of them are like this.

I arrived in London St. Pancreas and quickly dropped my luggage at the hotel to go to China Town! I really could need a refreshment so I went to eat Kakigori (shaved ice). The last time I ate this was in Japan and since then I'm craving for it because you can't find it anywhere in Germany! So I was very excited when I found out that you can eat it in London. However this Kakigori was made from milk and topped with looots of Matcha and red bean paste. Because of this it was even more snow-like and powdery than the ones I ate in Japan *o*

Then I visited P2bus, a korean and japanese make-up store. However it was very overpriced, so I didn't bought anything. Then I went to Oxford Street to check out some make-up stores, but I couldn't find anything interesting either.

In the afternoon I met with other german Lolitas in Camden and strolled through the market.

Then it was time for check-in at my hotel. I didn't knew that other Lolita friends from Germany would also attend the event, so I booked a single room at a student home, which is rented out to tourists during the summer breaks. It was interesting to see how students in London have to live (not too bad but also not too comfortable xD).

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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