Sunday, October 1, 2017

London 2017 - Saturday - Dream Magic Carnival Event

On Saturday I arrived quite early at the venue because I was a volunteer at the stall of RoseMarieSoir during the Gold VIP hour. The owner Ayumi was really nice and we talked a little. She can speak some english and I would have loved to talk to her more, but I'm really bad at holding conversations with people I don't really know ^^''''''. Unfortunately there was almost nothing to do for me because the stall of AP was in a different room, so there were nearly no costumers haha.

My shift was over and it was time for the Silver VIP hour. The other volunteer came a few minutes too late and I was a little angry at first, but then I went to the entrace (because I couldn't find the AP booth) and saw the looong line of Silver ticket holders. So at the end I was basically one of the first Silver ticket holders at the venue ^^'''.

I rushed to the AP stall but sadly all the good stuff was already gone. I heard from other people what they had for sale and apparently they only brought 1 piece of everything. I was very bummed to be honest because they announced an "Angelic Pretty super store" beforehand and I bought an additional Silver ticket just to be able to get some good stuff (I already had a Bronze ticket). In the end I bought nothing from AP!

Cute Maki and Asuka <3

Instead, I bought nearly every postcard from Imai Kira so I spend like 40£ just for postcards xD Plus I bought her totebag and all the buttons. For some weird reason I didn't thought about visiting the Triple Fortune booth at the beginning of the event even when I was a volunteer at the same room, so when I came there was nearly nothing left >_<

After my unsuccessful shopping trip I took advantage of the reeeally amazing photo corner! I also had a drink as they had set up a bar with a lot of booze xD.

Picture together with Shalisa which I know from blogging acutally <3

See all the bottles in the background ?! xD

Finally it was time for the first fashion show which was from the indie brands. There were sooo many outfits, it took quite long.

My favorite outfit - from Sweet Sakura

Afterwards they brought out a birthday cake to celebrate 10 years of Tea Party Club! The cake had super fluffy biscuit and very creamy cream and tasted really delicious :D Unfortunately they didn't had forks so it was a little hard to eat ^^'''

Cute Ayumi cutting the cake <3

Then it was time for the second fashion show with the well-known brands and of course Angelic Pretty! Most people were really waiting just for their fashion show but they came at the very end! And then they didn't even had many outfits or new stuff >o<

Afterwards Kunika made a little presentation about her cookies. I have hoped for more interesting information like how long does it take to make them or what kind of materials does she use etc, but she only described some pictures of her work (I would have asked those questions but there was no opportunity to do so). Then they had a cookie challenge where the special guests should decorate a cookie. But it also wasn't that interesting because they didn't had good colors to draw with (of course that would have been really difficult to set up without a kitchen). It was fun though because Triple Fortune said "Oh nooo I can't draw" but in the end one of them won!

Random detail picture of my outfit

Since I spend so much time sitting in the stage room, I wanted to walk around and take another look at all the stalls and talk to some people. However this was a mistake because the most fun program was happening now, which was the family feud game and fashion fix. I heard the music and the laughter but I realized too late that I should watch it ;__;

Now you may think there was already enough program and fashion shows but NO! There was a third fashion show which should be a celebration of "10 years of Angelic Pretty". I hoped they would bring their special fashion show dresses for this occasion, but in the end only the first one was such a dress. There was also a little presentation about the 10 years of Tea Party Club.

The special fashion show dress (it is hard to see but it had rhinestones all over)

The event was almost over, but no Lolita event ends without an obligatory raffle and the group picture (which I wasn't part of because the event was already over time, I was too tired and I already had taken off most of my outfit anyway).

Group picture without me haha. Here you can see also the beautiful venue, the 3 main organizers in the front and behind them the special guests from Japan: Triple Fortune, RoseMarieSoir and Angelic Pretty

Aaaaafter the event my day was not over, no I rushed with the other german Lolitas trough half of London because they wanted to buy shoes at a certain store, and afterwards we went for very delicious Hot Pot in China Town.

I added this picture because you can see the really cool photo corner here! Here you can also see the other german Lolitas hehe

You can find a report about the event on Kera online as well:

Now my post is finished and congratulations if you read through all of it! Thank you as well,
Miuko~ <3

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