Monday, October 2, 2017

London 2017 - Sunday - Dream Masquerade Carnival Tea Party

On Sunday I slept quite long, so I didn't do anything before the event, not even eating breakfast. I arrived around half an our earlier before the event would start and quite soon we were let in a waiting room with air conditioning. Suddenly everyone rushed to the door because they were starting to check the tickets. However I was at the very back so I had to wait almost one hour to be able to enter the Tea Party room!

I was a little worried to find a good seat because I wanted to sit next to a Lolita from Sweden which who I exchanged messages before the event, as well as next to my friends from Germany. And guess what they were sitting both at the same table so that was really awesome! When I entered, the food was already served so I didn't had to wait long to start eating (I was soo hungry!). However they announced that they wanted to take the group picture now. But since I was hungry and had to wait so long to enter, I couldn't be bothered and started to eat (I wasn't the only one - there were quite a lot of people who did the same). The food was really delicious and sooo much! If I could I would have taken the leftovers home xD.

After the eating there was no program for over 2 hours. Of course they leave this time so you have enough opportunities to talk to people and take outfit pictures. But OMG the place was so cramped. Since so many people wanted a Tea Party ticket, they sold more and more but there was literally no space between the tables when people were sitting.

Only 30 minutes before the official end of the event they started with the rest of the program, which was choosing the best outfit by each guests, a speech and the raffle. During the speech, one guy proposed to his girlfriend and Kyra announced that this was the last event of Tea Party Club and it won't exist anymore. I was a little sad about it even if it was my first TPC event.

Asuka always appears so serious to me, I would have never thought that she can goof around like this xD

Then the raffle started when the event was supposed to finish. I left to change into my real clothes because I wanted to go to Camden afterwards for a little shopping. I wanted to go back to the room but since it was so hard to move I waited outside. However the raffle was still not finished 20min later so I just left because I was tired and really wanted to go to Camden ^^''''

The group picture I again wasn't part of ^^'''

I arrived at the shop but because of the traffic I only had ~20 minutes left for shopping. I could "only" buy 4 cardigans but I would have bought much more if I had more time xD

Afterwards I went back to my hotel and then to the Afterparty, which was at a cocktail bar in London. When you signed up for their newsletter you got a 10£ voucher, so I only had to pay 20 cents for my cocktail :D. But they were sooo tiny and considering their original prices (~14€) I didn't bought any more. The music was quite bad as well. So in the end I only stayed 1 hour, because I didn't liked it much and my friends from Germany also already wanted to leave (because they came much earlier than me haha).

It was a looong day but I wanted to sleep as long as possible, so I still packed my luggage in the middle in the night.

Thank you for reading, 
Miuko~ <3

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