Saturday, November 4, 2017

Le Spectacle Marine Event

Hello dears!
A few weeks ago I was visiting the Le Spectacle Marine event in Wuppertal! I really loved the event, especially since there were sooo many people and friends I haven't seen in a very long time.

The location of the event fitted perfectly to the theme (you can't really see it in the pictures though ^^''').

I bought a VIP ticket for 70€. It sounds expensive but all the money goes just torwards covering the costs of the event! I really like to get an event tote bag and a few presents, and also it was announced that there would be a few games during the VIP hour, so I hoped for some more presents hehe.

For some reason the pendants were not attached to the nacklaces in ALL goodie bags...

There were only around 10-15 other VIP ticket holders, so we could check out the shopping booths very comfortably. There were a lot of them actually, especially the remote vendor stall was well stocked. I didn't planned to spend a lot of money though, so I couldn't take advantage of it. I did plan to buy a few items from AP if they would have brought the items to the event, but luckily they didn't so my wallet was safe xD

Then they started one of the games where you had to answer a question, and the first one saying it would get a prize. I was the first one to answer the first question, so I could choose between the prizes and decided for a pink glitter unicorn ring :D

Me shopping hehe

When the VIP hour was over, around 50 more people with normal tickets entered, and I started my shift to help out at the remote vendor stall. During this I could watch the Indie Brand fashion show. The organizers forgot to play music but it was still nice to see so many beautiful outfits. Btw also the owner of AP Paris was going around the stalls and bought a few things from indie brands ^^

At the end of my shift I got a little present as a thank you. Tbh I always feel bad when I get a present since I only helped out for 1 hour vs. the weeks and months of work the organizers put in! They should get a present from me haha.

I even had way more chocolate in it, I just ate a lot before I took the picture ^^'''

Then it was time for cake! Btw the event had tables and chairs where you could sit. I really like when events have this, it's much more comfortable and it makes it easier to get in contact with other people! We could choose from 3 different cakes and I chose orange cake. It did tasted good but it had Orangeat inside *ewww*.

Afterwards was the AP fashion show with a few outfits. The models were walking around the whole room so everyone had a good view of the pretty outfits. Also the light in the room was so that all the items with glitter really sparkled~

Afterwards there was a little more free time which I of course spend talking to other people. There was also a posing workshop but at that time I was taking pictures with the official photographer. I think the same girl also offered to do the make-up for other people, and she did a good job in both!

The potographer didn't uploaded a full outfit picture yet, so I can only show a portrait

Towards the end of the event was of course the raffle. They had some nice quality prizes from Indie brands and also 2 from AP. I can't remember both but one was a huge pink bow bag everyone wanted to have haha.

Of course we also did the group picture, but not everyone was going to the different room to take it. Since no people were coming anymore we started to do the pictures. When we were finished and wanted to go, one of the organizers came together with other people and the AP staff. Ooops we forgot to wait for the special guest haha so we did the group picture again.

Then it was already time to go. We had to catch our train so I couldn't say good-bye to everyone. But I will surely try to stay more in contact with people!

Of course I also have to show you my purchases:

(Pictures with water mark are from ASFotodesign or Sanifeya Fotografie)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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