Friday, November 3, 2017

London 2017 - Monday - Departure

(This will be a quite short and probably not so interesting entry, but I still wanted to write about it as a memory ^-^)

I was very tired so I slept until I almost had to check out. I directly went to the train station because the hotel was too far away to leave my luggage there and I only had ~4 hours left until my train would leave, so there wasn't much time and possibility to go somewhere else in London. I went to Tesco to grab some food and drinks, and then I went through all the shops in the train station to find something to spend my money on, because I still had around 50 £ left and changing it back to € is not really worth it. My luggage was already very heavy and filled to the brim, otherwise I would have spend all of it for delicious british groceries at Tesco. Unfortunately I didn't found something to spend it on (I didn't wanted to buy something useless haha).

Then it was time to go through border control and enter the platform for my train. I still had time left so I ate lunch (I really love the sushi chain "Wasabi" and the grapefruit soda from Superdrug was also sooo delicious!).

When I booked my train tickets a few weeks before the event, I already knew it would be risky to only have ~20 min time for changing trains in Brussel. But there wasn't really a better connection so I went for it. And of course the worst case happened and the train came too late because "it left the depot too late" (wtf?!). So me and around 50 other passengers missed their connection train. Luckily there was a Thalys train 1 hour later who was so kind to take all of us with them. It was almost completely booked so I had to sit on the floor at the train bar, but of course I didn't mind. Btw the other passengers where also really nice in helping each other out with information on how to come back to germany, translating the annnouncements etc.


Overall I really loved the time in London and I'm kinda double sad that there won't be events in London anymore because I really love this city. But of course I can also visit it for other occasions, for example I really want to see the Alice in Wonderland ballet!

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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