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Japan 2018 * Day 1-4 * Tokyo

Hello dears!

From 15th to 27th february I was in Japan again! Originally I wanted to travel during Sakura season, but because of university and some stupidity on my side I had to spontaneously change my plans in mid-january. Since I didn't wanted to wait anymore and flights and hotels were so cheap in february, I decided to travel at an earlier date, so I did all my bookings just 3 weeks in advance!

On this trip I spend more time with eating and shopping than sightseeing, because most of the things on my To-Do-List are nature related, but nature doesn't look so pretty in winter (and the beautiful snow spots are hard to reach without a car as well) ^-^'''''

Tokyo (Day 1-4)
This time I decided to take a flight which would arrive in the afternoon, because I can't sleep at planes and this way it is easier to deal with jet lag. We also flew with ANA this time. I liked the food much better and they also had a better service with drinks compared to Lufthansa, however most of the TV program was in japanese D-: So I think next time if I have the choice I would rather fly with Lufthansa again, because 12 hours can be reeeaaally long if you don't have anything good to watch.

When we arrived at Narita airport we were directly greeted by the infamous reporters of  YOUは何しに日本へ?("Why did you come to Japan?"). It was impossible to run away from them haha, but I really didn't wanted to be interviewed because I looked like shit, so I didn't put any effort into the interview. My mom had a lot of fun though xD

Our hotel was located in Hamamatsucho, close to Tokyo station, Ginza and Tsukiji. I found it very convenient since you could reach a lot of things by foot.
Since we arrived so late in the afternoon, we couldn't do much on our first day except eating dinner. I was really in the mood for Ramen, so we went to the famous Ichiran Ramen, which was very delicious!

On our first morning in Japan we decided to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market to have a fresh fish breakfast! After strolling through the streets we just decided for a random restaurant, since the food at all restaurants looked similar and had similar prices. I wanted to eat kaisen don (a rice bowl topped with sea food), and while the sea food was great, the rice didn't tasted so good, and I felt the portion size was too small for 3000 yen (it looked bigger on the pictures).

After our breakfast and checking out all the delicious shops at the outer market (somehow we completely missed the inner market), I wanted to visit the Nippori fabric town. You can find tons of shops for sewing and crafting there, and the selection is huge, almost overwhelming, so I decided to only look for fabrics there, especially fabrics with Kimono prints. The prices were also very cheap, only 4-8€ per meter.

Then we went for Starbucks Sakura hunting! One of my friends wanted to have something from the famous limited tumbler edition, and it took us several shops to find both items. And of course we also wanted to drink the famous sakura latte, or to be more specific the "Sakura Strawberry Pink Mochi Frappuccino". Unfortunately the taste was disappointing, it did not tasted like Sakura (but later I found out that Sakura blossoms barely have any flavor anyway), it tasted more like rose flavor and it was incredible sweet. Actually I could not finish it.

Afterwards I went to Shinjuku and Harajuku for Lolita shopping! I visited both Closet Childs, Bodyline, Marui One, Laforet, Maxicimam and the Btssb head shop. I was surprised by how many items I could find which were still on winter sale, and not even the kind of leftovers nobody wants to have. I bought most of my items at Btssb, because first I love Usakumya and Kumakumya, and second SHOES! Btssb is one of the few brands that has my shoe size (and I'm not only talking about Lolita brands, I mean cute japanese / asian brands in general), and since japanese girls have small feeds, basically all shoes were still available in my size and 50% off! Since I also spend a certain amount for not-on-sale items (a new Kumakumya <3), I got these cookies as a gift! Funny story, the last time I went to Japan, I also got a cookie as a gift from Angelic Pretty xD

In the evening I was looking forward to a hot bath to ease the pain in my feet, so I bought a totally overpriced pink glitter bath bomb at Lush. But unfortunately the stupid bath bomb stained the whole bath tub pink!!! So I scrubbed it for over half an hour and it still wasn't completely clean. I gave up and prayed that the cleaning lady wouldn't see it (to this day I didn't got a bill so I guess she didn't saw it or could clean it with better utensils ^^''').

The next day in Tokyo we went shopping again, this time our focus was on stationary, and I tried to find a cheap hair straightener. I had to visit several electronic shops until I could find one for under 2000yen. Also we visited the Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. The entry is free and from there you have a great view over Tokyo! Tokyo is sooo huge *o*

Of course every evening we also bought some stuff at the konbini. There was also a Starbucks Sakura Latte version at the konbini, which was unfortunately as disappointing as the previous one we drunk ^^'''

Thank you for reading~ <3

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