Monday, May 7, 2018

Japan 2018 * Day 12-14 * Tokyo + Shopping Haul

We arrived back in Tokyo in the afternoon and I was craving for Ramen, so we approached the famous Ramen Street in Tokyo station, but there were long lines at every restaurant. I searched for a different restaurant which was about 1 km away, so we walked there with our heavy backpacks, trying to find it for about 10 minutes in the labyrinth of a train station, only to find out that it had an even longer line. Still super hungry we decided to bring our backpacks to the hotel first before searching another Ramen restaurant, and on our way we found one super close to the hotel with no line at all ~_~'''. The Ramen bowl they served was huuuge, with a lot of toppings and especially a lot of chasu (pork belly slices) [which in my opinion are the best thing about Ramen].

In the evening we decided to try our luck again with plum blossoms and visited a temple. And indeed it was full of blooming trees, so beautiful! *o*

On my last day in Tokyo I met with my japanese penpal Mikako <3. We wanted to see a Space x Sailor Moon exhibition and went to a space museum at the Tokyo Dome. In the beginning we entered two different rooms with some projections on the wall and floor. Especially the second room was amazing, it had a huge projection on the floor and they showed a journey through the space, and it felt like you were actually flying though space! Then we wanted to see the Sailor Moon exhibition, but it turned out to be a very small corner with only some posters ^^'''

Afterwards we went to a restaurant for lunch! We decided to eat Monjayaki with karashi (spicy cod roe) and curry flavour. It is similar to Okonomiyaki, but the batter is much more liquid and doesn't really get firm like a pancake, and you eat it directly from the hot plate. We spend around 3 hours at the restaurant and mainly talked about differences in Japan and Germany I think. But then I wanted to meet with my mother again, so we parted our ways. It was really great to meet with Mikako and I'm happy that I also have a friend in Japan <3

On my way back to the hotel I had to cross Akihabara and spontaneously decided to make a stop there and go shopping at Donki for a last few items. Since I also talked about Maid Cafés with my friend, I got in the mood to visit one, and when I saw that the @home Maid Café had a special theme with My Melody, I just had to enter! The maids were sooo cute and I was even lucky to see a performance where the maids were singing and dancing. I also decided to take a set where you could play a game with the maids. It was this crocodile game where you have to press the teeth until the crocodile bites you, and the Maid was really good at acting scared haha. This time I also wasn't the only female guest, there were quite a lot of female guests (maybe because of the My Melody theme?) and some of them were also really fans of the Maids. One of the Maids even was a foreigner!

Afterwards I was hungry and to be honest I enjoyed some alone time, so I decided to not meet with my mother and go to a restaurant alone ^^'''''. I was craving for japanese curry so I searched for the nearest Coco Curry, since I thought that it's a chain restaurant and the curry can't be that bad. However it tasted horrible in my opinion, at least the cheese filled hamburger steak was good ^^''''

On the next morning it was already time to fly back to Germany. We decided that arriving at the airport 1 hour before the flight should be enough, however I underestimated the size of the airport, so in the end we were really rushed, since we also had to drop off the rented pocket wifi at the post office, buy some food, buy a last souvenir and try to get rid of our coins.

As a last thing I want to show you my shopping haul hehe \(*o*)/ Nearly all of my Lolita items were 50%+ off!

Gift from Mikako <333
Btssb "Kumya's Glittery Milky Way" and "Kumya's Snowy Kingdom" (for ~40€ each!)
Btssb "Sweet Heart Shoes", "Antique Ribbon Shoes", "Sweet Angel Pumps"
Btssb "Kumakumya Mini Rucksack", "Fondant Chocolat Nounours Collection" necklace + earrings, "Sophie Bear Ear hairclip", Usakumya tissue box cover (found at Closet Child; it was a novelty good so not possible to buy at Btssb)
Maxicimam cutsews
stickers, letter sets and washi tape from some stationery store and Daiso
Metamorphose "Swan Cameo Emroidery Bag", Ladurée lipsticks, Majolica Majorca eyeshadow, the famous rose foam face wash, Gonoturn face mask (I bought it because I had fear it would be really cold in Minobu)
My fabrics again (bought at Mihama Cloth and Tomato)
Angelic Pretty "Heartful Lyrical Bunny" towel and pin, "Dolly Naname Ribbon Headbow", "Merry Bear Mini Hat", "Creamy Cherry" necklace (now I have the full set ^-^), and an older headbow from Closet Child
Fooood: Tokyo Banana, some delicious Omiyage cookies, Calpis Candy (my favorite drink ^^), Curry sauces, rice and noodle sauces, pickled Sakura blossoms

Thank you for reading~ <3

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