Friday, July 20, 2018

Paris 2018

Hello dears!

Last week it was time again for my annual Paris trip! This time I travelled by car with my friends Mabu and Johanna.

Day 1
We arrived in Paris Wednesday afternoon and our first stop was the Japan Expo because my friends wanted to prepare their booth. After quickly dropping our stuff at the hotel we went to the center of Paris. Since we were already very hungry we decided to eat dinner at the Hello Kitty café. Unfortunately since it already was quite late, everything hearty was sold-out and we only could order the Hello Kitty Tea Time. So we basically ate our dessert first but it was veeery delicous, everything tasted heavily of Matcha and 9€ was an affordable price for it.

Since our stomaches were still not satisfied we were searching around for a restaurant, but like all touristy spots in Paris they were all quite expensive, so we settled for an asian one and hoped for the best. I ordered a homemade mint lemonade and a black burger and it turned out delicious, even if it was overpriced (5€ for the lemonade and 18€ for the burger).

In the evening my friends still wanted to do a little sightseeing, so we visited Sacre Coeur. I really dislike this area of Paris because it's very dirty and has the most agressive tourist scammers, but it wasn't that bad this time.

Day 2
On Thursday it was finally time for the Japan Expo! I arrived half an hour before opening time and I was quite at the front of the line. When I finally could enter the venue my first stop was the Sailor Moon booth!! I have to admit I have never seen Sailor Moon, but I looove the cute merchandise, and there was a booth who sold the original stuff for veeery cheap! For example the tea cup and saucer costs 70€ in Japan but only 20€ at the booth!

Afterwards I went to the 'traditional area' where many japanese traditional artists are exhibiting and selling their work. That's what I love so much about the Japan Expo, that it covers all aspects of Japan, not only Anime&Manga. One booth offered to make a small Kanzashi flower and I wanted to try it! It cost 5€ which might have been a little expensive but I thought I really wanted to learn the technique and you support the artist as well.

I also took a look at many other things but I just want to list my highlight of the day which was the perfomance of Pikotaro! You may know him from the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song, and I managed to get a really good seat for the show, first row in the middle :D. His performance was only 15 minutes because he doesn't really have a lot of songs and they are very short, but still it was very funny and the atmosphere was also great because sooo many people wanted to see him, the hall was really packed. Pikotaro was singing PPAP, Orange Juice, Neon Sunglasses and PPAP Japan Expo Version. The guy sitting next to me even brought a real apple, pineapple and pen to the performance haha.

Day 3
On Friday morning I went to the Japan Expo again and met with my friend Karin there. We went to the Sailor Moon booth again to buy everything we didn't owned yet haha. Then we walked around a little but decided soon to leave Japan Expo because I already had seen everything I wanted.

So we went back to Paris and first visited Angelic Pretty where I bought the exclusive Paris clear file set. Afterwards we went to a kawaii thrift store and then to Princess Crêpe. It was very delicious like always!

Then we visited Sephora because they had a really good sale on Tony Moly (korean brand), Too Faced and other brands. But since we didn't had a lot to do we decided to make a tour through Paris and visit several Sephora stores xD. We could make really good bargains, I paid 22,40€ for the famous Too Faced Chocolate palette and another 20€ for all my Tony Moly products!

In the evening we wanted to eat something asian for dinner. While searching for a restaurant we even saw RinRin Doll with several japanese girls, but we didn't wanted to annoy her so we didn't approached her. We couldn't really decide which restaurant to take, so we just tried our luck with a korean one and it turned out amazing! We both ordered Bibimbab with Bulgogi meat and everything was so delicious!

Day 4
On Saturday I met with Karin in front of the AP store again. On one side I wanted to take a look at the Lucky Packs, but on the other side I also wanted to say Hello to some people \(^o^)/. This year the Lucky Packs weren't really good for me (too expensive) but I still wanted to go inside to take a look at them again, maybe they looked better irl than on the internet? Since Karin was early she gave me her No.6 for entering hehe. But the Lucky Packs were still too expensive for me so I didn't bought anything and left the store empty-handed. I think some girls were talking about me that I didn't bought anything? But there weren't many people anyway so it wasn't any disadvantage if you didn't had a number...

Then we went to eat lunch at my favorite café/restaurant/bakery: Aki. I think many Lolitas love it there hehe. I bought a spicy Karaage Don and a Matcha Latte. Like always it was sooo delicious.

Afterwards be bought ourselfs a Sakura lemonade and sat a little outside K-Mart. Then I had the idea to visit Vivienne Westwood as I have never visited any store of them so far. It's such an iconic brand but it didn't really impressed me? Afterwards we went to the Opera to sit on the stairs and enjoy the sun, and ofc I got myself a sunburn because I didn't used my parasol for 15 minutes haha. Then Karin had to take her bus back to Germany and I strolled alone through Paris.

I went shopping for some souvenirs and then I went to eat Kakigori (shaved ice) at Toraya. It's a fancy japanese café and there was even a guest wearing a Kimono haha. It was quite delicious but not as fluffy as I know it and quite pricey (9€).The iced Matcha was delicious but also super expensive (7,50€ ?!).

Day 5
On Sunday I was completely alone and decided to sleep long and start packing. Since I wasn't in the mood for some sightseeing or museum and many things are closed Sundays anyway, I decided to visit the Hello Kitty café again and have brunch there. Again it was quite tasty and it was nice to see all the cute foods around me. When I wanted to pay they told me that foreign EC cards didn't worked that day, and since I didn't had any cash left I got the brunch for free ^^'''''

Then I decided to walk along a loooong street in Paris and look where it takes me. This is what I find so fascinating about Paris, that there are streets that literally take you from one side of Paris to the other side and you just have to walk straight. I ended up at the Lafayette and needed to go to the bathroom, so I entered a smaller Lafayette building and found myself in China haha. Apparently it was a special store just for chinese tourist groups, they even had special waiting rooms for the groups. I was the only non-chinese person in that building D:

I went a little through the different Lafayette stores (I never realized there are several of them) and decided to try the rose bubble tea with cherry bubbles which I saw the other day. It was veeery delicious!

Then it was already time to head back meet my friends for dinner. Our hotel was near a shopping mall with a lot of different restaurants. We decided for indian food and even if the waiters were weird and the prices too expensive, it was very delicous!

Day 6
On Monday we didn't really do anything, we just packed up our stuff and started to drive back home quite early. We also made a quick stop at McDonalds because they have a delicious breakfast food on their menu: pancakes with maple syrup! They are super delicious but unfortunately not available anymore in Germany.

All in all my trip this year to Paris was amazing, also because I could spend it with amazing friends this year.  
Thank you for reading!

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