Saturday, September 22, 2018

Garden festival at Eko Temple 2018

Hello dears!

Last Saturday was the annual Garden Festival at the Eko Temple where I performed with my Koto group. It was a really wonderful day!

I liked it so much because I spend a lot of time chatting with the other students and also with one of my friends who was so lovely and came to help us dressing up in Kimono! Thank you again, it was so amazing of you <333

I was wearing Kimono for the first time and it was sitting perfectly the 2 hours I had to wait for our performance, but when I sat down it got super messed up because I was sitting down in a complete wrong way and also walking wrong. Oh well at least most of the people at the festival don't have a clue about Kimonos so they didn't noticed xD

The concert was over too quickly haha, I'm always nervous at concerts but at the same time it makes so much fun, without performances I feel it's not worth to practise haha ^^'''

Yeah it was such a wonderful day and I was really sad it was over ;__;

Here is also a picture of my own Koto, I'm taking classes now for 1 year but I have my Koto since ~4 months.

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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