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My name is Princess Miuko and I'm 24 years old. I love Lolita, Hime Gyaru and other japanese fashions, so maybe it isn't surprising that I also love classical music, baking, ponys, puppets, kitsch, candy cotton and Hello Kitty :)

The blog's name is "Puppenschloss", which means doll castle.

'Doll', because you will see many posts about Lolita fashion, like my life as Lolita, pictures, thoughts and experiences.

'Castle', because I try to live a princess lifestyle and I want to write about my life as well as some tips on how to live a princess-like lifestyle.

I also post about my personal life, latest shopping finds and interesting links concerning japanese fashion!

>>> Contact me: If you want to contact me, write a comment with your E-Mail or ask for my E-Mail / other Social Media accounts. I don't have a contact form anymore because of some weird people writing me...

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