♥ Wishlist ♥

My Lolita-wishlist for clothes, puppets etc: 

My Lolita-wishlist for things I have to do in my life:
[_] see Mana live
[♥] visit a concert of Nana Kitade
[♥] visit a concert of Kanon Wakeshima
[_] visit a concert of Kokusyoku Sumire
[♥] attend an AP tea party
[_] attend a BTSSB tea party
[_] organize my own tea party
[♥] visit Japan Expo Paris
[_] visit Hyper Japan London
[_] visit all Lolita-stores around the world (Paris, San Francisco,  NY, Japan...)
[_] go to a meet-up in a country where they don't speak german
[_] watch "Kamikaze Girls" in Lolita with other Lolitas
[_] travel to Tokio
[_] own all Lolita Bibles
[_] learn Japanese good enough to read all Bibles
[_] make a photoshoot with a professional photographer
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